Property Management Services

Being a landlord can be that easy.

Property Management Services

Take a moment to discover Larocque Property Management’s innovative options and offer for your rental property. Please do not hesitate to Contact Us should you have any questions about our services. We would be happy to answer your question, meet you at your convenience and provide you with a welcome information package.

Larocque Property Management offers a Full and Partial Service package.
We also offer discounts based on the total amount of properties which are to be managed (3+)

Full Service Package: 8% +$25/door *NO FINDERS FEE*

This Full Service Package includes All Our Benefits and Features for only 8% +hst of the rental monthly amount. We do not charge any Finders/Rental Fees. And Remember you Only Pay When You Get Paid (if a unit is vacant, tenancy ends at end of term OR early, you will continue to benefit from our services, including finding a new tenant at No Additional Cost).

Rental Service Only: 1 Month’s Rent Amount

For the Do it Yourself Landlord who only needs help finding a tenant and prefers to manage their property themselves, we offer our Rental Service Package. For a one-time payment equal to (1) One Month’s rent once the tenant has been secured (last month rent paid to Agent).

Support Services Only: $50/door + At Cost Per Service

For the Landlord who would like to keep full control but does not want to deal with the tenant(s) directly, keep yourself at Arm’s length with our Support Service Only Feature

Fee Calculation:

The percentage rate, (ie:8%+hst) representing our service fee for the property management services provided, is calculated based on the lawful monthly rent amount on the residential agreement of the subject rental property.

*For more details and transparency on each agreement type, please see the Agreement Form Section at the bottom of our Landlord Application Page


Tenant Application Management:

(Screening & Selecting)

As part of our service, Larocque Property Management will undertake tenant and resident management. This service features finding and screening your potential tenants by means of risk evaluation based on credit history, reference reviews and employment. Furthermore, as the property owner you will have the opportunity to review and consent to the designate successful candidate tenant before they sign.

Advertising: NO FINDERS FEE

When you sign up with Larocque Property Management we commit ourselves to search for suitable tenant(s) for the Rental Property, including promoting and advertising of the Rental Property in print and electronic media as deemed most fitting by the agent for the nature and location of the Rental Property.

Larocque Property Management’s competitive offer certifies that you will never be charged a finders fee or rental fee to secure a residential agreement with your tenants.

Coordinating Your Services:

Whether you prefer to use our licensed partners or you already have a specialist who you wish to hire, Larocque Property Management can supervise and coordinate all of your services. From snow removal and yard maintenance, upkeep, repairs or renovations, we will manage all of your projects while keeping you informed each step of the way.

You can do things yourself and/or hire your own contact to save on administrative time and LarocquePM agent labour for your repairs and maintenance. You have full control and there are no obligations to use our agents and/or contacts

24/7 Management Support

Larocque Property Management will remain readily available to support you and your tenants in case of an emergency. We are always a quick call away to answer your question and render help whenever it is needed.

Rental & Tenant Management

On behalf of it’s members, Larocque Property Management will sign leases and rental agreements during our term. This feature liberates you from all the necessary steps to secure a tenant and your rent deposits in accordance with the province of Ontario.

This service also includes, with the prior consent by the owner, Enforce the provisions of any rental or tenancy agreement, institute legal action or other proceedings to collect rent and sums due, and dispossess tenants and other persons from the premises on behalf of the owner in accordance with this Agreement and the Residential Tenancies Act (“ACT”).

Work Orders & Special Jobs

In order be be flexible with the many different needs and or services you may wish to have and or provided for your rental property, we are always open and ready to any and all special or other services request by the owner even if not expressly mentioned in our service agreement. These special Jobs and Work orders can be subject to satisfactory negotiation of a mutually agreed fee, including, if the parties so agree, an on-going monthly fee for recurring performance of the same service.

Income Stability Service:

Larocque Property Management ensures income stability by providing you with additional financial security. We can offer to provide the monthly rent payment amount on behalf of your resident(s) prior to collection. This serves to protect you from irregular payment intervals and other payment delays from your tenants.

*Some Conditions Apply

At Costs: 3rd Party Services

Only pay what we paid for any and all 3rd party services and/or purchases/expenses to repair and manage your rental. With the only exception of our agent’s time following our agreement conditions you will never pay for any markup and there will never be any profiting on external services or purchases (you pay what we pay). Benefit from our high volume to get discounts on plumbers, gas technicians, electricians and more…

Investment Protection Service:

Your agent will visit, inspect and upkeep the maintenance of your property on your selected basis and or as required. This service ensures the property, including all appliances, are being utilized properly and handled with respect by your residents.  Larocque Property Management will supervise all the details of the premises in order to bring you peace of mind.

Move-IN & Move-OUT Checks:

This service can also includes Move-In & Move-Out inspections where the agent will on every transfer of possession for the rental property, perform a full inspection and provide a complete report of the Rental Property to the owner as circumstances and conditions reasonably permit, of the outward physical condition of the Rental Property and premises.

Seasonal Inspections:

Every 6 months during the term of our agreement OR at the request of the owner , the agent will conduct a seasonal check of the Rental Property based on a predetermined check list. A full report including pictures or video and a highlights overview list will be shared to the owner accompanied with agent suggestion and/or service request for your benefit pending owner’s approval prior to processing

Problem Resolution Services:

Larocque Property Management has trained complaints officers which will handle all complaints and request deriving from the rental property and or tenants. Your agent will work with you in resolving any disputes between yourself and the tenants in regards to the residence. We will communicate in a respectful manner the issue and potential solution derived from the complain process followed in order to bring a quick and painless resolution to the problem. From a simple inquiry or request, warnings, notices and even tribunal representations we are here to provide counsel, support and resolution assistance as needed.

No Risk Commitment & Agreement

We understand the important of your investment and assure you a NO RISK service for your rental property. We are here to help and ensure your success as a landlord, however we understand that things can change, an opportunity to sell may present itself and we include within our agreement an option to cancel at anytime.

*Some Conditions Apply

Monthly Reports & Client Portals:

Larocque property management offers personalized monthly reports on the status and condition of your property, the tenant(s) and agent(s) interactions including copies of receipts, work order and more.

Your Client Portal and Report will also include details on work requests, repairs, maintenance, inspections, notices and warnings in regards to the managed property.

This allows all parties being well organized and informed, with quick access to account, notes and building information which in tern saves you and your tenant’s time, money and unnecessary hardship.

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